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A fun visit to the Savannah Harbor Festival of Lights

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 12/10/2012 - 11:14am
Pirate ship.
Kids and bear.

On Saturday evening my family and I went to the Savannah Harbor Festival of Lights ( on Hutchinson Island. We arrived at 6:30, waited in line for 20-30 minutes to pay our $20 admission fee (which includes a $5 food voucher), and were finished by 8:00. We chose to drive through, but there are also options to walk, ride a bike, or take a trolley ride or carriage ride through the lights also. Check the website for pricing.

The drive along the light-decorated race track was fun. The light displays are beautiful, though there is plenty of room for more as the event grows in the coming years. At the end of the drive we stopped in the Grand Prize Park Area where there are pony and camel rides, a petting zoo, and refreshments available.

My kids loved the petting zoo, especially the opportunity to feed the camel, goats, donkeys, and other critters. We were disappointed, though, that we missed out on the camel rides as they were canceled for the evening.

With our food voucher plus a dollar or so more, we got a hot chocolate and a s'mores family pack that included enough for four s'mores. The kids had fun toasting the marshmallows over the fire and playing in the soap bubble “snow” that was blowing around the area.

We all had a nice time at the Festival of Lights. It is not nearly as spectacular as the one in Charleston, but it definitely has potential to grow into something really special as more sponsors come forward over the years ahead. When I asked my kids if they liked this light display or the Charleston light display better, they all said they preferred the Savannah light festival simply because of the petting zoo.

So there you have it. If the kids like it, then it's worth going to. And it's great to have an event like this right in our own neighborhood!

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