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Product Review: Loopeez help kids learn to tie their shoes

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 11/27/2012 - 11:11am
Tying shoe with Loopeez.

My 6-year-old son was having trouble learning how to tie his shoes recently. He was highly motivated to learn, but kept getting the laces all tangled up and confused. It was making him quite frustrated, which in turn made me frustrated. So we tried out a little product called Loopeez.

Loopeez are small, flexible plastic pieces (that come in a variety of designs) with two holes in them – one for each lace end. They are placed on the shoe, the laces are poked through the holes, and then the child practices tying the laces. The website ( demonstrates the Bunny Ear tying method, but we were able to use the Loopeez to teach the Standard method of tying just fine.

I found that Loopeez were particularly helpful in keeping the laces separated so my son didn't get the laces tangled up together. They helped him to keep the laces where they needed to be in order to tie them.

Also helpful was the special pair of shoelaces we got from Half of the lace is white; the other half is black. So when my son tried to tie his shoes, the right end of the lace was white and the left end was black, so he could easily see which part should make a loop and which part needed to cross over. It also helped that the laces are a bit stiffer than normal laces, making them easier to work with since they don't flop over.

A few weeks ago we began practicing with Loopeez. We used them maybe four times over the course of two days, and by then my son had really mastered the actual tying of the laces. He was finished with the plastic Loopeez, but still benefits from the colored laces as he refines his skills, learning to tie his shoes tighter. Actually he may be fine without the special laces, but I just haven't switched them out since they work so nicely.

Sometimes, if my son is in a real hurry, he will ask me to tie his shoes, but mostly he does it all by himself now. I can see that he is proud of his accomplishment. Loopeez changed a frustrating situation into a much easier achievement. If your child is ready to learn to tie their shoes, you might want to give Loopeez a try!

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