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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

by kgillyard on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 2:57pm

Are you ready to shop? Well there are other who are ready to benefit from all your hard work. Yes, tis the season for others to steal. I would like to share with you some safety tips to help keep you and your gifts safe. The most important thing I would suggest that goes for all these situations is to leave your kids at home. They are a good distraction for theives to get your stuff. Also, go shopping with someone else. You are safer in a group.

In the parking lot:

Park in an area around lights and close to the store.

Have your keys ready to open the car. I would suggest having the key ready in your hand in case you are attacked. Or have your finger on the emergency panic button.

Don't stand too close to the car, people have been known to hide inbetween cars and under them.

Keep you eyes and ears open. You can make a phone call as soon as you are locked in your car.

Put your packages in the trunk.

Ask stores for an escort if you feel you need to.

Return to the store if you feel if you are not in a safe situation.

In the store:

Don't take a lot of credit cards. Pick one or two to take with you. If you take cash, take small bills.

If you get a cart, lock your purse with the child restraint straps. (Put the straps through your purse handles.) 

Keep your eyes open and don't use your cell phone.

Pay cash whenever possible, espically at the vendors who are in the walkways. Chain stores have saftey measure in place to keep you safe. I wouldn' be too sure about the others.

If you do take children with you, do not allow them to wander around without you. Don't even let them use the bathroom without you there.

Have the clerk hand you the reciept.

Most importantly remember that things can be replaced, but you can not! The most important thing is not to let someone harm you or move you to another location. If something does happen, make sure to report it right away. Everybody has video cameras nowadays.


Happy Shopping Ladies!!!!!



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