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Battling the black hole in my home

by Traci Schumacher on Wed, 11/07/2012 - 10:58pm

I am nearly certain there is a black hole in my house. It probably originated in the dryer, as dryers are notorious for eating socks. While our black hole likely started out by sucking up random socks, it apparently has moved on to a variety of other items that have no acquaintance with the dryer.

We currently have a number of things that have vanished into thin air (or a black hole). A jacket belonging to my 3-year-old, a superhero mask for dress-up, some string, a brown shoe, and a grey sock. Nobody knows where they are. We have searched high and low through the house, the van, even at Grandma's house. All to no avail. Thus, the black hole reveals itself.

Sometimes, eventually, the black hole will return its treasures, possibly out of boredom or just to play with me. For example, there was the Case of the Blue Plastic Ball that belonged to the toddler basketball set. The set had a yellow ball, a green ball, and a blue ball. Only the blue one went missing. Nobody knew where it was. Weeks later we found it, and then it disappeared again, quite mysteriously.

Today I found the blue ball under another toy in the garage, once again cast out of the black hole. Determined to outwit the black hole, I placed all three balls in a plastic bag and attached it to the basketball hoop. We'll see what it can do with that!

The thing about having a black hole in my home is that it sometimes makes me wonder if we need to be better organized. I'm all for organization, but I happen to have these forces (cute as they might be) that work against me in my quest to organize. However, in my fight against my black hole, I am once again striving to declutter and organize our home. Maybe if I can better keep track of our possessions, it will serve as a deterrent and the black hole will stop snatching them. It's worth a try anyway.

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