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Hoping a little list can teach responsibility

by Traci Schumacher on Fri, 10/19/2012 - 11:04am

Do you ever get tired of repeating yourself... asking your kids if they have done what you requested? Did they brush their teeth? Put away their clothes? Make their bed?

Tired of sounding like a broken record, I am currently trying something different. I made two simple lists: one for the morning routine and one for the bed time routine. Then I taped the lists to the bathroom mirror for all to see.

Fortunately, my kids actually enjoy completing to-do lists (they even told me things they thought should be added to the lists), so I have high hopes that this will work for us.

I still remind them of the list itself, but I no longer have to keep a mental checklist of what each child has or hasn't done. I am essentially giving their problem back to them. It's up to them to take care of it.

Hopefully these little lists will help foster more independence and responsibility in my little people. What are some ways you try to encourage responsibility in your kids?

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To reward or not to reward?

Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions! I always debate about whether to use "rewards" or not as I hate the idea of "bribing" kids to do something, though it is very popular these days. It may work the way you suggest it, though, as a temporary solution until they get the hang of the system. Thanks!

Traci- YOu are on the right


YOu are on the right track. We use a similar method in the classroom for kids that trouble following routines. I would suggest using pictures for your non-readers. If you are having trouble having your kids remember to follow the routine, try this idea as a reward system until they get it.  Make a chart where you can place stickers each time each individual child completes all of their routine for the morning and evening. Sparatically put rewards like quality time with mom or dad. Ask your kids for ideas of what they would like to do, withing reason of course. This is a low cost-high return way to motivate. Good Luck.