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Gettin' Real!

Gettin' Real!

by Health and Well... on Sun, 04/03/2011 - 11:16pm

Dear Coastal Mommie,

Not unlike your weight loss goals organizing your agenda, your home and your surroundings takes patience, your dedicated time and energy to thrive and prosper.  There is no finish line where all you work toward is a red flag signaling your completion; however, there are the daily requirements of follow-through and diligence to get the job on the right course to fruition.

Approaching any situation in the right frame of mind makes all the difference in the world and staying far away from an attitude that defeats your ambition before you even get started ruins your motivation, steals your energy and leaves you grasping at straws that don’t hold their weight in gold.  When stress and discombobulating situations sneak into your organization equation the answer is bound to be a lot more muddled than it need be.  Why not keep in mind the following suggestions when contemplating the organization of you, your surroundings and your way of living in general:

~Daily vision: map out each day of the week into morning, afternoon and evening time blocks.  Take this opportunity to fill in your obligations and events; by being aware of your daily happenings it allows you the privilege of being fully conscious of your time schedule and what you are setting yourself up for during your day.

~Do not expect Rome to be built in a day; there’s a reason for patience and it thrives here.    

~Morning Routine: a tad of preparation the night before and your morning happenings can be much smoother and time efficient.  Why not review your agenda the night before and be thoroughly aware of what the morning will bring.  Being conscious is key.    

~Clean Up: letting things pile up gets overwhelming.  If you have ten minutes here and there look around for a quick job that you could take care of in a jiffy; before you know it you’ll be knocking out your to-do list on a daily basis and avoid worrying pile-ups.    

~Tackle one job at a time so that you may step back, view your deeds and avoid overwhelming yourself. Approaching each task individually will be efficient & productive in the long run; when one job is completed you will reap the benefits of an achievement well-done.

Taking your chosen goals and traveling along the pathway toward the fruition of your hopes is completely within your powers, take one day at a time and move on.  Creating the mindset of living a healthy, lighter life takes time to foster; focus on making healthy choices at each opportunity to fuel your body and add enjoyable movement into your life.  Don’t look back, move forward into a pattern of organization that is behooving of each and every wish that you have for yourself.  Believe in you!

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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